How it works

ClubLadder: The most flexible and active club league

Traditional systems require you to invite other members to play a match. Inviting another member can be intimidating, especially if you are a new member. Unless members take initiative, no matches will be played and activity stops.

We match players

What sets ClubLadder apart is how we automatically match players of a similar level. Every two weeks, ClubLadder determines the best matches based on previous match results and player availability. Players can easily skip a round if they go on holiday, or play more often if they are looking for an extra challenge. By actively connecting players to play matches, we help clubs to retain existing and new customers.

Better than box leagues

Traditional box leagues group players together for a fixed period to play a few matches. This means that all players must play the same frequency, and players get stuck at the same level. With ClubLadder, players choose their own play frequency and climb the ladder quickly if they keep winning, so they are playing at the right level within weeks. This makes ClubLadder more fun for beginners and advanced players.

Starting is simple

  1. Sign up your club for a free trial season.
  2. We will prepare your ClubLadder with your club logo.
  3. You receive an email with your own ClubLadder link and promotion instructions for email, website and social media.
  4. The first round starts when at least 6 players have registered, or on a date of your choice.
  5. Each round you will receive a report by email and a PDF with posters to hang up at the club.

We take care of everything

ClubLadder is a complete solution: We take care of player registration, setting up matches, processing results and answering player questions. We also remove users that repeatedly fail to play their matches, so that other players are not impacted. This is how we keep participants enthousiastic and your clubladder thriving!

We need you for promotion

As a contact person of the club you need only to help us with promotion. To inform members about your ClubLadder, you send an email and place information on your website and social media. We provide instructions and sample text that you can change to best fit your needs. You can also reach us by telephone for requests such as pausing the ladder during club championships or sending a message to all participants.

Frequently asked questions


Our seasons run the entire year, and you can start any time. Within 24 hours we will prepare your ClubLadder and you receive instructions for promotion. Feel free to contact us to discuss the best planning for your ClubLadder.

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Yes, players can sign up during the entire season. New players will receive their first match within 2 weeks and their initial ranking is based on their play level.


We can adjust the rules for your club. For tennis and padel we typically use 'count all games'. There are also clubs that use 'best of 3' or other rules. For golf we typically use 'matchplay without handicap correction' and for squash we use 'best of 5'. Rules are communicated with the players in each match email and can be found on the app and the website.


Yes, it is possible to split the league for men and women. However, we strongly recommend to start with a mixed league to increase the chance of success. Splitting the league for men and women may result in two small leagues. With small leagues the difference between the play level of players is too big to play fun matches. The free trial is only available for mixed leagues.


Let us know if your ClubLadder is only for members. ClubLadder can explicitly ask new users if they are a member of your club. If they are not, we send them to the website of the club so they can learn more about your offering. If they say they are a member, we send an email to you for verification.


Players can contact each other to play for fun, but these matches do not count for their ranking. ClubLadder connects members to play a match every 2 weeks. If a member wants to play more often they can change their player settings.


Players can postpone matches and skip rounds if they lack time. Participants that do not play their matches and do not respond to messages will receive a warning and will be removed from the ranking if they continue to not respond. They can always sign up for the ranking again.


A special login is not needed: We take care of everything. You receive a notification for each new participant. In addition we send you a detailed report every 2 weeks with an overview of the matches and activities. You can also contact us for special requests such as pausing the league or removing a player. And of course you can check the scheduled matches at any time on the app or the website.


ClubLadder makes suggestions when the match can be played, based on the agenda of the players. Booking a court must be done separately. We remind players to book a court when they plan their match, and we can include a link if you have an online booking system.

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